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Pale Ale

Flora’s Fate Pale Ale – Meet Flora. In Roman mythology she is the ¬†goddess of flowers and, get this, drinking! She is charged with renewing the cycle of life. ¬†This light little lady is bourgeoning with flavor and a flowery aroma while maintaining a low profile and ABV. Our house 2-Row base malt is supported here with Vienna, German Carapils, and Acidulated malts that leave you with a light body, clean mouth feel, and crisp finish. Loads of Chinook and Ahtanum hops are dropped for bitterness and aroma. Lastly, this tasty number is dry-hopped with the unique hop blend, Falconer’s Flight. Take time to stop and smell the flowers and be renewed.

ABV: 4.5% OG: 1.053 IBU: 51.22 SRM: 4.7